Dubai – Digital Product Management

“I would have liked for this to be longer, you can do a day or 2 for us on this”.

Music to my ears! I’ve heard this before but never from such a large audience!

Not a single empty seat, no exaggeration!

A full house of participants at the Dubai Digital & Tech talk on Digital Product Management last week wanted me to keep talking and we went much longer than planned !  And all thumbs up to bring the “Creating Brilliant Product Leaders” training course to Dubai!

Talk about diversity! Not only did the audience represent an array of experience, we counted at least 10 nationalities (Lebanon, India, Pakistan, Bosnia, Egypt, Russia, Israel, UK, US, France and more) and a phenomenal number of women. 

Go Dubai. You made me proud!

Early, Mid and Seasoned career along with undergrad and graduate students looking to understand digital product representing several startups, large organizations and incubators: Google, Dubai Media City,Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center, Oracle, IBM, UAE Government, Buzzkit, Washmen, SWIFT etc.

The audience was super engaged, lots of Q&A throughout. So impressed with such terrific talent eager to jump in and make a mark in the world.

This talk was held at Astrolabs which is a co-working space and entrepreneurship center founded by Google, Dubai Media City and IBM. Much thanks to them for hosting!

This talk is just the start of what is possible in the Middle East and hopefully will lead to many things in the future. For now, I am super excited to contribute to the Digital growth in Dubai.