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  • May 29, ” Digital Product Management” at Astrolabs, Dubai. Pics and videos posted!
  • June 19, “Driving Digital Transformation” Hacking HR Forum Sponsored by WeWork, Seattle

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About Angela

My interest in technology began at a very young age. When I was 14, I learned HTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, tools like DreamWeaver and started tinkering with making websites. That love for technology, turned into a very satisfying career.  I chose to start my career in technology as it provided a challenging opportunity to work across boundaries, across functions, across technologies and above all across cultures.  I am fueled by the belief that the right combination of insight, technology and customer experience can drive change.

I am a seasoned Product Management Executive with leadership experience from Capital One, Ernst & Young and General Electric. I have extensive experience in driving product management, agile transformation and program management and building high performing teams by bringing relevant structure to large disparate, disjointed and dysfunctional teams to drive value to the business.

I’ve had the great fortune of discovering my passion and applying it everyday.
Angela Govila

  • Adding structure to chaos and converting strategy into action to drive business results.
  • Technology and constantly seek ways to bridge the gap between the have and have nots.
  • Empowering women and underrepresented minorities in the workforce
  • Balancing between introverts and extroverts in any situation

I also love mentoring and coaching young women in the field of technology. Over the years, I’ve received several awards for my leadership and voluntary contributions.

I’ve also been featured in several media topics related to women, diversity and technology. Below is some media coverage.

  • GE Ideal Career video made by MBA TV on how GE’s flagship Information Technology Leadership Program is an ideal way to start a great career in technology. I could not agree more. Your’s truly at 1.30.
  • Interviewed by Christian Science Monitor on working what its like to be a millenial in the workforce.

In my spare time, I love biking, hiking, backpacking, long walks with my dog, traveling to remote places, listening to podcasts, writing and being adventurous!

Now, I am living the dream of driving change at a grass roots level and creating kickass future product leaders by offering quality training, insightful writing and candid conversations, as the Founder & CEO of Strategic Business Consulting. We a boutique consulting and training firm specializing in Product Management, Program Management and Digital Transformation.

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